Good afternoon,
I am using [fiddle~] to detect the dominant frequency of incoming instrumental sounds. This frequency is then used (after being but through [expr] ) to determine that of each level of modulation in a complex ring modulation. There are two problems here- well actually, one problem with two instances in which it is the most noticable:

This takes far too long. In order to avoid hearing the unmodulated instrumental attack before the modulation kicks in, I need to add a delay (with [delwrite~] and [vd~] ) of about 200 ms before the input goes into the modulators. This is not the worst issue, as a delay is called for on the modulated sounds for most of the composition anyway, but it is still not ideal.

The bigger issue is with shorter, articulated incoming sounds. When, between attacks, fiddle detects the rests, the outputted frequency is 0 which shuts off the modulators and then turns them back on at the next attack which, due to the aforementioned slowness, leads to incomplete modulations. And now that I think about it, a delay of 200 seconds to fix the first issue would lead to incorrect modulations here as well.

Are you familiar with such problems? Is there perhaps an abstraction that is very useful for such things? I am trying to get this taken care of as soon as possible, as the patch should be used in a concert on the 21st of June. I can try to upload an example patch if you wish. The actual patch is probably too large and complicated to post here...

Many thanks for your time,

Edit: Ah, after having stripped away various components to put this example patch together (the main patch is [clarmod] ), I find that it seems to work much more quickly. It is probably still not good that the modulators constantly turn themselves on and off with the articulations, so any advice for this question is still appreciated. Otherwise, I need to look into what is slowing down the modulators in the actual patch.

Edit: Ah, a professor of mine just suggested using [sigmund~] instead of [fiddle~]. It seems to have more useful options.