to realize my semester project I need some help for the technical execution. I have the intention to regulate a magnetic field with a musical signal. The electromagnet (Intertec ITS-MS 5030) works with 12Vdc and 600mA. Voltage and current should be modulated by musical signals. My plan is it to analyze the music with MAX/MSP. With the data I get there I would like to modulate the output of the Arduino board between 0 and +5V. With the magnetic field I want to control ferrofluid ( with the intention to visualize the music. But the maximum voltage of the Arduino board is 5V so I need to amplify the voltage.
To do this I builded up a non-inverting amplifier. With this I can reach the 12V. In the next step I would need to amplify the current to 600mA. I had the idea to use an transistor for it. My electric engineering skills are very basic so I have no clue how big are the dimension of the components. Maybe its just the wrong circuit for my target? Any help would be appreciated.