Sorry if this is a 'noobish' question, but this is my first PD project after all. I'd love to solve this on my own but my deadline is rapidly approaching.

To give my project in a nutshell, the viewer is to press a keystroke-synched button that launches the playing of a gem window while the viewer is simultaneously recorded via a built-in iSight. The recorded footage is then played back to the viewer on a separate projection and updated with subsequent viewers.
The issue at hand is that the viewer interface is not cooperating at this point. We can't get the Gem to playback with the button when the window is displayed full-screen. Basically, I'm am trying to create a user interface that it doesn't have the distracting patch-logistics as part of the display or require the viewer to have to do anything beyond simply pushing the button. It seems that the parent patch becomes deselected whenever the Gem window is closed at the end of each video playback. The button that I'm using is a griffon powermate btw). Is there any way to automatically reselect the parent patch after the gem window closes so that everything will be set-up for the next user?

Thanks so much for your time! I hope that I have explained my issues in a coherent way...