hey there !

I have a simple question : how can I do like in php a variable variable

my problem is

I have an abstraction(called MASTER) that outlet a number (the stereo mix volume), lets call it RESULT

I want this number to be sent to different OSC adress like such

layer1/position/value RESULT
layer2/position/value RESULT
layer3/position/value RESULT
layer4/position/value RESULT

Right now I have my 4 message box each containing the message and a $1

but I want to be able to control how many layers so I used [until]

simplified it looks like

[trigger bang float]

the float goes to the right inlet of a [pack f f]
then the bang go to the [until] and put the result (0, 1, 2, 3, ...) in the left inlet of the pack

the pack outlet to a message "layer$1/position/value $2"
and that works perfectly

Problem is, I wand to be able to multiply the value of each layer to a different number(contained in a list for example)

if Master output let say "2";

right now 2 is sent to all the layers

but I want that :

layer1 value is 2*($1 of another list)
layer2 value is 2*($2 of another list)
layer3 value is 2*($3 of another list)

but I'd have to write $1 wich doesn't work...

I think it's not really clear what I'm saying ... but thanks for reading !