Hello all,

Fairly new to PD but I've written this patch (thanks to the forums for all the info that helped me) which is a basic testing rig for some stuff that I'm working towards. It plays a WAV file (name hardcoded in - sorry about that) and also a video. The idea is you use the hslider to set the threshold for [bonk~] to a suitable value to detect the "beats" (72 seems a good value) and then the patch will randomise the video playback position when it hears a beat - but I've also used it to change other video related stuff - that bits not really the point....which is...that when I play a video in isolation it plays okay, and when I play the wave in isolation it plays okay but when I run the two parts together the realtime playback is very very laggy - it sounds terrible and the video is super-jerky. The CPU runs at max about 66% when I see it working hardest. I'm using a vanilla 32bit Ubuntu distro at the moment with ALSA for the sound - not ideal but I'm waiting on some dedicated hardware that I hope to load a realtime kernel and a 64bit version of the OS, and use Jack etc.

If anyone has any tips about how I might improve performance of this I'd appreciate it, or also share experiences of how you'd expect it to run on the proposed hardware - I'm aiming to create a patch for "live" use with PD responding to sounds and modding the video accordingly - but I'm only starting to work with this so really want to know what I need to do to make this work in terms of live "realtime performance".

1st post so please be gentle :-)