Wonder if anyone can help, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere already.

I'm looking to generate some sound in PureData using a csv file, where the csv file is broadly structured along the lines of:

Date | Category | Value

So for each date there'll be multiple categories. i.e. for each date, one sound per category needs to be made ready (pitch based upon the value) then played simultaneously for the same length of time (say, half a second).

The dates then need to be iterated through in chronological order.

My query is this - does anyone know of any particular example or patch that I could possibly look at to do this? Is what I'm trying to do fiendishly complex or relatively straightforward in PureData?

Any help very much welcome.

Many thanks,

PS Incidentally, the data doesn't have to be in CSV format - could be in other text based format if that is easier to process