Hello everyone,
I’m a graphic design student, I never thought I’d end up with visual programming for one of my projects. However I find it totally interesting, even more than gd itself. However as I’m new to pd and I don’t really know where should I search for the information I need, so I ended up here.

I have attached a rough sketch of the live video installation I’m planning to write.

So, the main idea is to get the data from the microphone in my macbook,
and I’d like pd to read the line from the text file (list of entries) according to the numbers (the higher the noise>the bigger the number>pd gets the entry closer to the top of the list).
When this whole loop happens I’d like to have pd to display the live data from the text file through gem (fullscreen, white/o/black or vice versa).

So I have the basics from the tutorial I found here

I found some youtube videos on pd foundations to get my head around basic concepts.
but the main problem I have is, that I don’t really know what objects/functions I should use to get this installation working. I am not asking for the solution and how to write it step by step, but just for some guidance as I really like the whole concept of visual programming.

After searching the forums, I found out that [textfile] object, but I am wondering how should I go about it getting data from, certain line from the text file?