Hi all,

We're running Pd 0.43 on a Gumstix Overo Airstorm with Cortex A8
architecture, using Linaro 12.02 distribution (which is based on
Ubuntu 11.10 )
Pd seems to be working but audio input and output is displaying
strange behaviours and processing artifacts.
Simple osc~ objects play their tones at half pitch, and when we run
audio into it in realtime ( connecting adc~ direct to dac~ ) we
experience both lower pitch and time granulation. CPU usage reads less
than 2%.

Samplerate is 44100 and blocksize is currently at 1024 (anything lower
than this creates crackling, and causes CPU usage to jump to 80%)

Does anyone here know if this CPU is just unable to process floating
point data at the speed required by Pd, or whether there are some
processing settings/ priority settings or a different kind of kernel
that would allow Pd to run correctly on this platform.
We're surprised it's not working as we know PDlib runs fine on the
iPhone for instance. We've already successfully run PDa on a Gumstix
Verdex but really want to move to full Pd to get around the
limitations of PDa.

any thoughts or suggestion welcome,
we're getting desperate!