Hi everyone,

This is my first post, and I'm new to both PD and DSP, so any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I set this up to test my first abstraction, and just sort of went mining for sounds. It resulted in some weird evolving tones, some are more pitchy others more noisy.

The abstraction "chopper" just takes two floats as input, and outputs a list of numbers that are equally spaced between the two input values (the list includes the two input values as the first and last elements of the list). The number of divisions is determined by the creation argument, which sets the overall length of the output list. The argument can only be between 0 and 9 because of how the abstraction is set up (any thoughts on a practical way to expand this range?) The argument can also be changed via the third inlet. The fourth inlet takes values 0 or 1 to determine which of the first two inlets are hot. The graph-on-parent radio does the same thing.

This patch uses "chopper" to control the partials of two tones, which are then multiplied together. So if the two input values are say 100 and 900, and the creation argument is 9, the output list is a harmonic series. Then if you move either the upper or lower value, you can kind of squish or stretch out the partials. Its really easy to get some noisy engine-like sounds.

Anyway, I set up some preset values to check out. Or just play with the number boxes to hunt for more sounds. There isn't really any control set up around it so its just basically on or off right now. You can also mess with the filter settings in the filter sub-patch.

Thanks for reading. Any suggestions/comments on either the patch or the abstraction are welcome!