This is the main section of the forum. Pretty much any question or issue you have about using Pd should go here. There are only a few exceptions:

* If it's graphics related, it should go in the pixel# section

* If it's a question about programming externals, put it in extra~

* If it's a hardware-related question, put it in I/O hardware, diy

* If you are simply sharing a finished patch or abstraction, put it in patch~ or abstract~, respectively

* If it's a question about the forum, put it in the "this forum" section

* If it has doesn't have anything really to do with Pd itself (i.e. a question about a composition method that you aren't trying to implement in Pd), put it in off topic

Any other questions should go here. When in doubt, post your question in technical issues. The mods will move it if it doesn't belong.

Also, and I can't stress this enough, PLEASE ATTACH PATCHES INSTEAD OF SCREENSHOTS. It is much easier for everyone to try and debug your patch if they can actually load it up into Pd and mess around with it. Also, attach a patch that illustrates the issue you are having when possible. It can make it much easier to understand what you are trying to do.