The abstract~ section of the forum is a place where you can share your abstractions. It should be a working abstraction. Please do not post an unfinished abstraction and as for help on how to get it working; that should go in the technical issues section.

You can, however, post a working abstraction and ask for suggestions on how to improve it. Critiques are expected here, anyway, and will only help you learn. That's why you're here, isn't it? :-)

When posting an abstraction, do everyone a favor and provide a brief description in the post and some documentation, preferably in the form of a helpfile so people don't have to make their own. With very complicated abstractions, such as big GOP synthesizer with 50 oscillators and modular routing and built-in effects and a step sequencer controlled by a webcam, it might help to include a .pdf, if possible. But at the very least, include some instructions in the post.

If you don't include a description what the abstraction does and how to use it, you are less likely to get feedback, and people are less likely to download it. So do it!