So, my hippy acid boss wants me to detect "overall room phase (dood)".

Any input on phase analysis, or knowledge of a similar product/thing would be awesome.

The idea is to bring individual instruments in and out of phase with the "dominant phase" of the room.

I have been thinking to isolate dominant frequency (of the whole room.... or to take individual inputs per instrument, register pitch and amplitude, and judge by that), take small samples intermittently of both dominant room frequency sound(or the instrument or combi there of chosen to represent such) and the sound of the instrument to be adjusted(delayed) to line up with it.

Then applying a grid to those two samples (ie computer vision. computer ears!) to determine phase offset in multiple points throughout the sample, and determining delay applied that would allow for most time amplifying(or whatever) were the instruments involved to remain in this frequency (no time travel here, though could apply to pre recorded music where such is allowed).

These things ( )()) ) seem to imply a third dimension of paper (or screen...).