I was hoping someone might be able to help. . .

I've put together some patches in pd for algorithmically generating melodies, and I was hoping to use midi notes sent from Albleton via LoopMidi (on a Windows 7 machine) to control the patches (mostly to dictate the rhythm). Anyway, I can't seem to get pd to recieve data from loopMidi (when I use 'Test Audio and Midi', with the input device set to LoopMidi, I can't see any incoming notes). I'm pretty sure that LoopMidi is getting the midi data from Ableton (the number in parentheses next to the loopMidi port number, in the loopMidi window increases when data is being sent). When I use other midi hardware, like my usb midi-keyboard, pd has no problem getting the notes. Likewise, my pd patches will send midi data to Ableton using loopMidi without problem.

I've been able to get this setup to work on ancient XP laptop using midi-yoke. The problem definitely seems to reside in the loopMidi to pd connection.

Anybody have any ideas about what I might try? Help would be greatly appreciated.