I just uploaded a video that I made with PD/GEM/Gridflow to my .

The patch that created this (attached) records the output of two videos - one "normal" and one glitchy - fading in and out of each other. The audio was made using Din

To use it load a directory of videos, load the GEM window and then press the big red start button. A video is automatically saved (using PDP), though do be careful as these files get very large very quickly! If, for any reason, saving the video doesn't work just delete the line going from [#from_pix, colorspace rgb] to [#to_pdp]. Saving video's always a bit tricky with PD/GEM and I just managed to find a way that works for me...

I made this using PD extended 0.42.5 and Gridflow 9.13 on Ubuntu 11.04. I had a few glitches - and not the good kind! - with [pix_chroma_key] that caused the program to crash when the video on the left-hand side had finished playing.

Happy glitching!