So, tonight have sussed 2 way comms from TouchOSC on my iPad to CubaseSX3, and thought I'd share this for those who were struggling with getting their DAW to talk back to the TouchOSC App. These patches translate OSC to MIDI, and MIDI back to OSC.

Basically, when talking back to OSC your patch needs to use:

[ctrlin midictrllr# midichan] > [/127] > [send /osc/controller $1] > [sendOSC] > [connect the.ipa.ddr.ess port]

So, in PD:

[ctrlin 30 1] listens to MIDI Controller 30 on MIDI Channel 1, and gets a value between 0 & 127. This value is divided by 127, as TouchOSC expects a value between 0 & 1. We then specify the OSC controller to send it to and the result of the maths ($1), and send the complete OSC packet to the specified IPAddress and Port.

This can be seen in LogicPad.vst-2-osc.pd

All files can be found in (24Mb)

This archive contains:

MidiYoke (configure via Windows > Start > Control Panel)
touchosc-default-layouts (just incase you don't have LogicPad)
Cubase SX3 GenericRemote XML file (to import).
Cubase SX3 project file.
2x pd files... osc-2-vst, and vst-2-osc. Open both together.

In PD > Midi settings, set it's Midi Input and Midi Output to different channels (eg: Output to 3, Input to 2). In Cubase > Device Settings > Generic Remote, set Input to 3, and output to 2.

Only PAGE ONE of the LogicPad TouchOSC layout has been done in the vst-2-osc file.
Am working on the rest and will update once complete.

As the layout was designed for Logic, some functions don't work as expected, but most do, or have been remapped to do something else. Will have a look at those once I've gotten the rest of the PD patch completed.

Patches possibly not done in most efficient method... sorry. This is a case of function over form, but if anyone wants to tweak and share a more efficient way of doing it then that would be appreciated!

Hope this helps some of you...