Greetings All

I'm having trouble getting my external to work, It compiles with 5 warnings
sineq.c:48: warning: unused variable ‘x’
sineq.c:49: warning: unused variable ‘in1’
sineq.c:50: warning: unused variable ‘in2’
sineq.c:51: warning: unused variable ‘in3’
sineq.c:52: warning: unused variable ‘in4’

It does a "make" successfully but I get this warning message
/usr/bin/ld: warning: cannot find entry symbol xport_dynamic; defaulting to 00000000000007f0

but when I try and add it in PD it says "couldn't create". I've looked at the pan~ tutorial and the d_osc.c file as recommended, which did help. I tried to take pieces from the two which I thought were applicable to my situation but I'm still having some issues.

Here's a link to the workflow (dropbox)

Here's a link to the C code online (pastebin)

My external is a reproduction of the sinewave equation with 4 inputs and one output my logic is to have 4 inlets one for the frequency,amplitude,phase and vertical offset and an output for the created signal. Granted this isn't the final equation but this will help me understand how to create the full equation once done. If you want to see the full equation I'll be using here's a link to it below. Basically it's a 1 second periodic signal with the sample rate at 44100 which the equation gives me control over the frequency,amplitude,phase and vertical offset.

Another question I have is what do I use for the t (time) for my final equation is that the t_sample object in PD? or do I need to create a for loop counting from 1-44100 for a 1 second 44100 sampled equation?

PS: I'm compiling on ubuntu 10.04 using gcc