Good day to you all. This day sees the first release of a few external blocks for the pure data pdp video system. Release is alpha and consists of a zip file of raw c files. These can be compiled on any Linux system(only one to be tested) with the command:

gcc pdp_fisheye.c -o pdp_fisheye.pd_linux -shared -fPIC -Ipdsourcedir -Ipdpincludedir

Replace "pdp_fisheye" by the name of the source file you want to compile. Replace "pdsourcedir" with the location of your pd src directory and replace "pdpincludedir" with the location of your pdp include directory.
After compilation move the .pd_linux files to some directory, add this directory to your library path in PD and add the names of the externals (eg. pdp_fisheye) to your external startup list.

This EWOCprojects pack consists of 4 new pdp blocks:
* pdp_brightness: very simple and crude video brightness adjustment
right inlet is brightness amount ranging from about -300 to 300
* pdp_colorkey: the pdp_compose block from pidip never really worked out for me,
I got inter-pdp-stream flicker on my VJ patch and it created strange coloured
borders and was difficult to set to a colour precisely. This is why I made a new
"chroma"keyer better named colorkey which is flickerless, very precise and
sharp. Inlets are video1, video2, red value(0->255), green value(0->255),
blue value(0->255) and finally tolerance(0->about 60000).
* pdp_fisheye: pdp_freeframe crashes on me and I needed a fisheye for the
VJ patch so I wrote my own. Inlets video and fisheye amount(0->several hundreds).
* pdp_wipe: very fresh and going into the VJmixer also is this brand new video wipe system. In contrast to pdp_transition it is not speed based but controllable by an amount parameter that can for example be set by some crossfader or software slider. This way it is possible to set the value someway inbetween for picture-in-picture or splitscreen video setups. Featured are standard wipe, pushpull wipe, squash wipe, sphere wipe, rectangle wipe, zoomed rectangle wipe, clock wipe, double clock wipe, bar wipe and pattern wipe. Inlets are video1, video2, switch A and B around(0 or 1), wipe amount(float between 0 and 1), x value(this is x pos in pixels for circle, rect and zoomed rect, can also be negative AND is x divisions for bar and pattern wipe), same goes for y value, number of wipe(0->9) and wipe variant/direction(0->depends on wipe). One right outlet gives number of variants for selected wipe, you can feed this eg. into a Hradio block prepending the message with "number".

Remember this is a prerelease which Im rolling out to pick up reactions concerning refinements, extra ideas for wipes and all other feedback. Will be creating help files, putting everything in one library and be doing general nice things like supplying makefiles soon... Oh yes, also the colorkey and wipe system will only work with videos that are the same size.(anyone know a quick way in C to resize pdp packets?)


.Gert De Roost.