I conceptualized this the other day. The main reason I wanted to make this is because I'm a little tired of complicated ableton live. I wanted to just be able to right click parameters and tell them to follow midi tracks.

The big feature in this abstract is a "Midi CC Module Window" That contains an unlimited (or potentially very large)number of Midi CC Envelope Modules. In each Midi CC Envelope Module are Midi CC Envelope Clips. These clips hold a waveform that is plotted on a tempo divided graph. The waveform is played in a loop and synced to the tempo according to how long the loop is. Only one clip can be playing per module. If a parameter is right clicked, you can choose "Follow Midi CC Envelope Module 1" and the parameter will then be following the envelope that is looping in "Midi CC Envelope Module 1".

Midi note clips function in the same way. Every instrument will be able to select one Midi Notes Module. If you right clicked "Instrument Module 2" in the "Instrument Module Window" and selected "Midi input from Midi Notes Module 1", then the notes coming out of "Midi Notes Module 1" would be playing through the single virtual instrument you placed in "Instrument Module 2".

If you want the sound to come out of your speakers, then navigate to the "Bus" window. Select "Instrument Module 2" with a drop-down check off menu by right-clicking "Inputs". While still in the "Bus" window look at the "Output" window and check the box that says "Audio Output". Now the sound is coming through your speakers. Check off more Instrument Modules or Audio Track Modules to get more sound coming through the same bus.

Turn the "Aux" on to put all audio through effects.

Work in "Bounce" by selecting inputs like "Input Module 3" by right clicking and checking off Input Modules. Then press record and stop. Copy and paste your clip to an Audio Track Module, the "Sampler" or a Side Chain Audio Track Module.

Work in "Master Bounce" to produce audio clips by recording whatever is coming through the system for everyone to hear.

Chop and screw your audio in the sampler with highlight and right click processing effects. Glue your sample together and put it in an Audio Track Module or a Side Chain Audio Track Module.

Use the "Threshold Setter" to perform long linear modulation. Right click any parameter and select "Adjust to Threshold". The parameter will then adjust its minimum and maximum values over the length of time described in the "Threshold Setter".

The "Execution Engine" is used to make sure all changes happen in sync with the music.

IE>If you selected a subdivision of 2, and a length of 2, then it would take four quarter beats(starting from the next quarter beat) for the change to take place. So if you're somewhere in the a (1e+a) then you will have to wait for 2, 3, 4, 5, to pass and your change would happen on 6.

IE>If you selected a subdivision of 1 and a length of 3, you would have to wait 12 beats starting on the next quater beat.

IE>If you selected a subdivision of 8 and a length of 3, you would have to wait one and a half quarter beats starting on the next 8th note.,_July_26th_13_window_conception.png