I installed PD because I wanted to figure out how to convert CC into Notes. It was amazingly simple after reading a few help files.

So... I then discovered PdVst and set it up. It works fine with the 2 demos that come with it and after making a VST out of my little CC to Note patch I found that it receives MIDI just fine but it doesn't seem to send MIDI data OUT.

If I put my plugin in one Ableton Live track and send CCs to it I can see the number boxes connected to ctlin going up and down as I turn a knob, then if I put an instrument in another track and tell it to receive MIDI from the first track I get nothing.

This patch works fine if I run it in Pure Data and send it's MIDI output to Ableton Live using Midi-Yoke but it doesn't seem to output MIDI if I use it in PdVst.
Is PdVst capable of sending out MIDI?