i am a windows xp SP3 user working with FL Studio and have a problem regarding touchOSC on iphone, i’ve set everything up (also made custom layouts for using the iphone as a controller or custom monome)
i did set up rtpmidi to connect my iphone
everything is working, when i press buttons/touchscreen of my iphones monome, molar vst reacts super fast and plays exactly what im pressing, but there is no LED response to my iphone, which makes it difficult to seriously make sounds when u allways have to re-watch your monitor..

i did try pretty much everything i think, monoserial didnt really work, pd, midiyoke etc

and another question: when i am controlling knobs on the iphone and re-adjust them with my mouse in fl studio, the knobs dont get adjusted back on the iphone, is there a possible way to sync them properly?
i got another programm called Pure Data, when i open the same file as on the iphone i can control my iphone but not the pc.. its the opposite

it seems to me that i dont need anything more than touchOSC on my iphone4 and rtpmidi to use the iphone4 as a controller for fl studio. i tryed it without midi response, its imo not very effective, because when i adjust some knobs later with my mouse, its not displayed 1:1 anymore

I also installed virtual dj and bought the app for 11bucks (ugh) i could connect and control both pc to iphone and iphone to pc instantly

please tell me there is a solution for this? i have everything up and running as i want.. just that i would like to receive some midi feedback feom fl studio to my iphone and i think its also fixing the monome problem.

running out of ideas..

any help is welcome

thank you