Good day,

I am busy creating a VJing system using pd and pdp. At the moment it has 25 effects available (pidip also) but if I would be able to use pdp_freeframe, I would be able to offer loads more... Problem is, on 5 different laptops, pdp_freeframe always segfaults pdextended, only constant factor being the Linux distribution, namely Archlinux (which does have very up to date packages, maybe some dependency too new?). Pd crashes whenever I try to load a directory(containing any number of PetesPlugins *.so files) into pdp_freeframe.

Has anyone succesfully used pdp_freeframe, if yes, what is your setup? I have compiled PetesPlugins and pdvjtools myself.

I can use pix_freeframe instead but I don't like the prospect of the stream converting overhead I'd be having between pdp and Gem...

Should I contact the pdp_freeframe author?

Any ideas welcome,