Synth sequencer for touchscreens - works with PD synths or external MIDI synthesizers

From top to bottom:
Octave (4 octave range)
Note (black box in radio = play that 16th note, click twice to turn off step but keep note)
32nd notes
16th note triplets
Length (short medium long tie/slur)

Display synth name and assign bg color
4 pattern memory - copy out pattern 1 button
Sequence the patterns - 1 2 3 4, 0 means don't play anything that measure
Changes made to a pattern will be initiated on each 8 bar phrase unless you hit Load!

Frankly I just made some changes so that I could share it here.
In the test patch I'm getting a click on beat 1.
The clock might not play 16ths until you adjust the shuffle up and down.
The clock is silly...

There's more room for data structures and the like.
Phrase/fill generator or generate variations based on pattern 1
Load pattern option/timer/warning
Use 2nd argument as 0 for audio, 1 for MIDI
Wouldn't hurt to be able to adjust the lengths - presently, short, medium, long, tie
STATE SAVING!!!! - this will likely be best implemented by saving the arrays to text files, then using a popup to select your preprogrammed sequence.

Try it:
Unzip it and move the files into your home folder (sorry, no declarepath) Open testingthis.pd and see if it works or something.