does anyone here have much experience with pd~? i'm trying to break a big patch down into two portions on a macbook duocore, to hopefully get a little better performance. the problems/questions are:
-it doesn't seem to find the file for the subpatch that the start message points to, when the current folder (in which the the subpatch is located) has spaces in its path (i can workaround this issue of course, but still it's kind of inconvinient)
-when i start with a -nogui flag, the console and the subpatch pop up anyway. does it always automatically do that when something like an errormessage wants to be printed in the console? (i know for sure i placed the flag right, because it works in the helppatch)
-what's the -fifo flag and value about? does it determine some sort of latency between the subpatch and mainpatch?

i didn't really get it to run and do some serious dsp yet, so if anyone knows how to work with pd~ in more complex situations than the simple helppatch some hints would be very appreciated!