Hello all. I made this as a learning/exploration tool for a hardware project I've been interested in for a while.

Lunettas are simple CMOS based synths. Logic chips and few other components are used, brought out to patch points and used in a modular fashion.

This patch is made in pd-vanilla. No default values are used, so to get it started you may have to tweak it a bit. As it is, it's a nice drone synth. It can easily be expanded to include other modules and complex functions.

The simulation includes 4 LFO/Clocks, 4-bit DAC, VCO. All modules have three selectable frequency ranges and manual pulse width control. Each LFO has a slider for manual pitch control.

I have some ideas for refinement, they mostly involve using the formulas for RC networks to determine frequency.

Hope it's fun to play with!