I am trying to filter raw incoming midi data coming from a digital audio console back into PD i have had some success but i cant figure out the correct function i should be using to get the results im looking for. I have the midi coming in and im un packing it so i can view all 14 bytes individually. The best way to describe what im trying to do is a reverse switch function where i have 2 data streams, 1 coming from byte 9 and one stream coming from byte 12 and 13 which have been combined into one stream. I want it to filter its output so that for example when byte 9 data is reading 1 the second stream of data from byte 12 and 13 will be filtered to output 1 when byte 9 reads 2 data from byte 12 and 13 is routed to output 2 and so on. Is this possible i tried switch and copying the whole midi in function multiple times but i wasn't getting the results i was looking for. I have included my PD patch if you would like to look at it. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.