Dear forum,

I would like to present you the Click Tracker software.

The Click Tracker is a program designed for composers, conductors and
instrumentalists that work with modern music. The main goal of the
software is to prepare a click track of any score, no matter of how
complex it is.

This software can be used either by conductors in concert, by musicians
for practise purposes, by composers while composing - or just to produce
and record a click track to be played back at a later point.

The CLick Tracker can be downloaded freely in (Paypal donations are
possible and desired). It runs on Pure Data Extended (also a free program) in any operative system, and installation instructions for both programs are in the same page.

I hope that you find this software useful. I would like to hear back of
any suggestions, critiques or simple feedback. You can keep up to date on
Click Track news on the facebook page

Best regards,

João Pais