Hi folks,
quick query,

Basically, I am wanting to play a film at various points on a midi keyboard, having each key play a different part of the film. A person will then be able to 'make music' with the sound of the film which happens to be a sine tone.
It is fairly simple i guess and I am sure not too difficult to implement right?
I have loaded the video with Gem using pix_movie thing. Only it is just flashing green and not playing the whole film.
I have the sound as a separate file which I will call up using a load bang into an array. Somehow i need to split this so at different points it can be played on a midi keyboard. Would I have to actually split up the audio file in Logic or whatever or is there some kind of array function where it could just cut to the desired point corresponding with a midi note pressed.
Anyone have any help for this it would be amazing. Just some pointers.
Thanks in advance guys.