this is not the same post as the one before, but concerns the svn-version

i have hard times on osx here...
system: osx (10.6) on a macbook pro

i downloaded pd, checked it out from git and svn, but so far there is no version i compiled which is working

so i checked out the svn-repository and tried to compile 0.43 in this folder:

i run the autogen.sh script, make a ./configure and a make... then these error occurs:

Undefined symbols:
"_sys_do_open_midi", referenced from:
_sys_open_midi in pd-s_midi.o
... and so on... all error related to midi...

i also tried configuring with the option -enable-portmidi, then the linker cannot find the symbols_
_pm_free, _pm_initm, _pm_term ... and so on...

how to compile this version??

thanks for any help.