Dear all!

I am planning to start a new project that will include Pd and GEM as my tools. The project itself is pretty ambitious since I don’t have much experience in GEM and will include a large quantity of video files. I don’t need step-by-step guide how to achieve that, I just need some directions, advices, and, what’s the most important, your opinion whether it is possible or not to do it with PD and GEM.

The project’s main goal is to make raw footage archive accessible for viewing.

Let me explain…

The small production studio I’m working for, has a huge collection (about 2000 hours) of footage on miniDV cassettes. The most of it is not archived properly, it is marked with only few words of description, which makes the searching process very slow if not impossible. My plan is to transfer the cassettes into computer, and make it accessible to anyone wishing to view some part of it. Additionally, I will somehow mark every file with some key words, date and time of shooting, etc. For example, someone wants to use a footage of a waterfall in the woods. He or she will type the word “waterfall” and the program should link the word with the file(s). When the file is located, it needs to be loaded into the viewer window and give the user an option to scroll trough it, see the date and time of footage and time code running.

I believe that there is a commercial software for that purpose, but we don’t have money for it. And, I’d be very happy to make it through Pd.

Any input is welcome…