I'm attempting to use pdp_theonice~ to stream theora video to an icecast server. I'm having trouble getting this working - it seems to connect ok as long as there is audio and video being sent to pdp_theonice~ but I can't view the stream with vlc or an embedded html5 player (which I've been able to do when streaming video from other sources to this same icecast server). oggcast~ works just fine.

Does anyone have a simple patch that they know works for streaming theora video to icecast with pdp_theonice~?

I've checked out the giss examples, but these are way more complicated than I need, and hard to debug. Also, they crash when I try to connect (probably because no audio or video is making it to pdp_theonice~, as my tests have shown that pd crashes when you try to connect without audio and video).

I am on Ubuntu 10.04 with Pd-extended 0.42.5.


p.s. alternately.. if there's another way of streaming theora without pdp_theonice~ (using 3rd party software or otherwise) I'd be interested to know this as well.

p.p.s. I already posted this to the list, so I'm sorry if you're now reading this twice.