Hello, this is a small project I'm undertaking to understand keys. i think I found a stable method of eating up the 'reset' bang (found on the project patch) so it doesn't print every key (Eg. print C %). This is in [pd_findingz], that is a sub-patch within [pd_key_negotiations]. Is this a good method? Within this patch I'm also having difficulty clearing the atom box that contains the '%' accuracy, without having it print '0%'?

I'm having some difficulty with [pd_findingz], also a sub-patch within [pd_key_negotiations]. This counter method is working well for me here when I'm banging each with mouse, HOWEVER, when using the reset function it is sending a bang through the counter anyway..?

Really appreciate your input,


I was thinking a way around this may be to send info outside to print, there I may be able to specify when to print. i.,e. not to bother printing 0's.