hi everyone. first of all thanks for your time.

i cant run pdmtl. i activated all the libraries it needs. checked info.pd, no red squares there (except for pyext but its optional) so it should run just fine. however when i open any help file on pdmtl when i activate the gem window it shuts down PD.

i saw the step by step installation on wiki.dataflow.ws/PdMtlAbstractions/Installation.

it looks funny that the PDMTL folder should be on the root directory on C: instead on the extra folder. is this ok or should i try the extra folder? and dont quite understand step 2.

why is it not running right? please can someone help me? i really need to visualize a sondwave on the gemwindow and i think the best way is with the gemscope of pdmtl

also if someone knows a better way to visualize an array on gem feel free to post it.