Hi there, guys, I am a new user of this forum and i hope that I can help and be helped :)

this is my first question

The object PIX_WRITE can snap an image from current buffer and save that image. Now I was wondering how can I save that picture in JPEG instead of TIFF? I tried everything as message boxex, but nothing... it save images only in TIFF...

Second question

The object PIX_BLOB "calculate the "center-of-gravity" of a certain (combination of) channel(s).

You can choose the combination of channels used for the calculation by changing the <mode>. Valid modes are: 0(gray)(default), 1(red), 2(green), 3(blue), 4(alpha)"

How can I choose that combination? I tryed every type oh messages, but nothing, only channel grey (defalut) work... idea?

Thanks a lot guys