I made this patch so I can train my ears to recognize notes by just hearing them. I know it will take time before I get good at it, that is why I built this.

The patch is very simple but I've made the instructions very detailed in case someone who has never used Pure Data (some of my friends) is trying it out.

1. Turn on the DSP (Digital Signal Processor)

2. Turn the volume up (click on the white bar on the right and raise it)

3. Choose for how long you want to hear the note by clicking on the section called "Seconds". The default is 2 seconds.

4. Click on the black corner that asks you to click if you want to know the new random note you'll hear next. You'll see the note appear next to the cube with the "New Random Note" and "Repeat" bang (black squares)

5. Press bang (black square) under "New Random Note" to hear a new note and under "Repeat" to repeat the last new random note heard. You may instead use your keyboard and press the letters N and R. Repeat will not tell you the note, it will only play it for you. The feature that tells you what note you just heard only works with "New Random Note".

6. If you want a tone of reference so you can figure out the random note you just heard then press the A:440 bang (button) or just press the letter A on your keyboard.

Hope you like it.