Using Pure Data on a 64 bit Ubuntu Studio (Lucid, 10.4) system, I am trying to get Pd connected to reacTIVision (http://reactivision.sourceforge.net/). I compiled reacTIVision because it was not available for 64 bit. It works fine, outputs right number, etc.

However, the TuioClient for Pd that comes with reacTIVision will not load:

/home/menno/Programs/TUIO_PureData/TuioClient.pd_linux: /home/menno/Programs/TUIO_PureData/TuioClient.pd_linux: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32

Any ideas? It all works in Windows 7, but I have trouble with ASIO drivers,
jack is just so much better. Are there other programs that will allow me a similar (and equally easy) TUI like reacTIVision does with the shapes? And will work on 64bit system...

Thanks! Menno.