here is my first attempt to make something useful and musical in PD.
Been working on it for about 2 weeks or so... i wanted to add more features but i still need to learn more and for now i think it does a good job.
Its a sequencer based on FM synthesis, nothing fancy here except maybe for the random frequency on the carrier and modulator each step. I tried to do it with a simple gui but failed miserably so youll have to connect and disconnect to enable and disable that feature.

Also, you have to input the values before you start the patch otherwise youll get noise or the patch just wont work (didnt want to use loadbang because i couldnt find a way to hide it)

Id apreciatte if you leave some comments, ideas, if you want to improve the patch id like to see what youve done with it.
Please dont be mean or rude ive been only using pd a few months.
Thanks to Dr. Hernandez for his video tutorials on youtube i couldnt have made this without them.