Hello everyone.
I had a good idea to make PureData able to do everything, by using some open source libraryes wich have to be turned in externals.
Here are the new features:
html/css/javascript engine for browsing (don't know libraryes except wxWidget)
cd/dvd burning (cdrtools)
file [de]compression (zlib)
ocr (tesseract)
text to speech (festival)
ascii art (aalib)
generic grid control like in spreadsheet, but not limited to it (just know wxWidgets)
neural networks (fann)
finite state machines (gfsm)
astar (micropather)
skeletal animations for gem (cal3d)

target file formats:
audio wav, ogg, mp3, cdaudio
image png, jpg, bmp, gif, tga, svg
3d collada
text txt
video avi (divx, xvid, microsoft), mp4, mpeg2 (dvd), mpeg (vcd)

I'm not a C programmer, just a technical artist. So I can't do it myself. Anyway, I consider donating money toward this goal.

Bye, Berserk.