I've been using a Mac Mini running pd-extended and two arduino boards attached to it to control some electric motors of an installation. I use Pduino and the StandardFirmata uploaded into arduino and I had no problems until I decided to do a file transfer from my MacBook into this Mac Mini using Bluetooth. I opened the Setup Bluetooth Device, I chose to open a connection to my computer and did the file transfer.

Unfortunatelly, when I opened the patch I've been working for several months, one of the two arduino boards was not working. The comand

[open 2<

started to cause an error message saying the port I was using was no longer of my arduino but the tty.Bluetooth port related to my MacBook. I turned off the Bluetooth Devices of both computer but the tty port related to that bluetooth transfer is still in "the place of" my arduino usb tty port.

Then I tryed all the possibilities: [open 0<, [open 1< and [open 4< to try to find the right tty port. The [open 3< is already in use by the other arduino board which fortunatelly is still working. When i tryed [open 5< I received the message that I could only use more than four ports on .

Do anyone no how to manage these tty ports? Can I erase the tty port related to the bluetooth transfer? Will that cause my arduino tty port to come back to the list in which pure data can access?

I'm a bit scared because the installation will be exposed in two weeks!

Thank you very much for your attention.