I'd like to dedicate a netbook to Linux (Ubuntu, I think) and I'd like eee-1101ha (cheap and long battery duration). But I wondered if puredata could sufficiently run on it. My doubt refers mainly to the GMA 500 graphics chipset integrated into the Intel Atom Z520 CPU, infact (if I understand correctly) this GMA500 could not support opengl on linux (or linux-drivers could not give opengl support) and this is a bad thing for gem-library.
Another possibility is eee-1201N (NVIDIA ION-LE + intel AtomTM 330 Dual Core). It isn't cheap and no-long battery duration, but I suppose nvidia ion-le supports opengl also in linux.
Just in the middle there's eee-1201ha (Intel Poulsbo US15W + Intel Atom Z520 CPU) that's quite cheap and perhaps Poulsbo could give opengl linux support?
I don't know guys, please tell me your opinion to run puredata+gem and linux.
Thanks a lot