Hi @ all,

we run into big issues while trying to compile the vsbuilt which was located in the the GEM/build directory

we couldn't get the built to run, maybe someone out there had the same problems. Surfing the internet didn't give any results. One more thing to mention, within the readme file i find following:

this is the project-file to build Gem using Microsoft's VisualStudio 7


this MSVC-Project is deprecated and has not been used for a long time.
do not expect it to work out of the box.

these files have been moved here in an attempt to cleanup the project

originally these files have been located in <Gem>/src/ instead of
<Gem>/build/win-vs7, so all the paths in the project-file might be wrong

either fix the project-files or copy them over to the src/ directory

i don't do it, as i don't have a VC7 anymore (it is outdated anyhow)

It would be great if someone could give any information about that.

thank you.