Hi all,

I feel this is probablly the place to put this, Mod please move if not.

I've been continuing to try and make my Pure Data based sequencer and after finding that things were a bit cluggish and ugly when it came to making a user interface i decided to have a scout around for other ways of doing it.

The final result is that I've been using Python for making GUIs that can communicate using OSC and things are going rather well. It's all a bit of a learning curve but its getting to the point where i felt it may well be useful to start sharing it. To this end I've started hosting things on GitHub so people can use/fork/edit as they may wish.

Currently it's just the python scripts but this evening i'll put up the beginnings of some PD and MaxMSP patches that i'm building to use with this.


is the link to my repositories on github. Hopefully some people might find this useful.