I know everyone is busy with some technical issues, but I need to ask you something as a community, developers and people who have deep knowledge in technology like pd and audio.

I'm writing a small research on the delay effects and what I made with pd is the Delay with amplitude controlled output. I mean that output amount depends on input amount. Some objects like [line] makes it work smooth and and control this parameter. I use it for life performance and usually never overload amount of echo even at critical amounts of feedback for monophonic instrument. For that purpose I used a patch of Maelstorm.mmb as delay core and made some simple upgrades like stereo and "Folow" function.

I'm asking for any opinion from you in any aspects or maybe you did something like that for other purpose long ago. I want to use that information for my research.

Patch I attached isn't cpu effective and more a demonstration tool. I hope ones interested will find file to load and play or plug something in [adc~].

Thank you