Okay so I'm using a program called wiimote whiteboard which is primarily used to allow users to make a cheap touch screen white board via the IR Camera on the wii remote. It can discover four IR light sources and plot them on the screen X,Y. The effect is much like a lightgun on a computer game and can be used to control the mouse. The greatest thing about this program is that it can output data in OSC. (I think)

However am having a bit of difficulty. I think I have all the externals and libraries to use OSC and have connected the wiimote so that all the functions work. (if yknow what i mean.)

Except this IR camera. I have changed the OSC port from the default output/send of wiimote whiteboard to PDs receive and also changed on PD receive port so that it corresponds to the default of wiimote whiteboard. I'll post patches and URLs of useful stuff soon am at work but just wondering if anyone has had any success in using the IR camera in PD ???

Cheers and sorry for the lack of detail