Hi all.

Usually i don't write on a forum if the answer to my question is already in, well i don't want to bother anyone. But today i'm sure someone can help me, as i've searched everywhere i could.

I have a simple problem, which i guess goes under technical issues... i want to be able to control a led via PD via analog output (fading the led and all that).

i've got Firmata 2.1 loaded on an arduino duemilanove...
The Arduino software is the latest (17)...
and Pduino works fine with digital output. led lights on fine.
My 3 leds are "plugged" in pins 9 10 and 11 (which are PWM enabled).

But using the arduino-help.pd analog output example none of them lights up.

Is that an issue that someone else have too? or am i simply stupid enough to have forgotten a step?

i can't seem to find help on the pwm object anywhere...