I have been working on a patch which will show a video with text. I will use the hardware Triple Head2Go, a device which collage 3 monitors into one screen display. The problem is that i have arranged the monitors with one horizontal and 2 vertical (from L to R, H-V-V). I don't know how to rotate the 2 vertical monitors to show one big collaged screen.

I wondered if I have to segment the display into 3 parts first and then rotate the 2 vertical screens? Cos I used "rotateXYZ" but somehow only manaaged to add a rectangle to the screen...

I tried to calculated the display but I can only get a rough figure: 3780 (width) x 2000 (?) (height)

One last question, when I show the video on 3 screens, would the images got grainy as it was shown on 3 monitors instead of one? If so, anyway to avoid the grain?

Does anyone have any idea how to do this? I know I have set a difficult task for myself as a new user of PD. Grateful if any experienced users could give me some hints. thanks in advance