This is what I have been using to control my Paia Fatman which is just a simple analog synth with two sawtooth oscillators. It is very nice to have digital control over analog sound - best of both. It would take some exploring for you to figure the stuff, and I doubt that many folks will have identical equipment.

The feature I'm most proud of is the gui for rhythmic control - you may program in 16 steps, 24 steps, or 32 steps, or all at once.

This is why you need a 96-count master clock which I'll post after this (it should be under abstractions but oh well.)

So feel free to rip off my GUI layout for whatever you need it for - I know it's a pain in the ass setting up all the sends (which I did lazily anyway.) There are also some random-material manipulators that are half badass...find the "fatphraser" subpatch. The idea is that you put in an acid line and it generates variations to create a convincing 4-bar phrase...different each time of course.

There is some small help info - look at [pd readtables] for a better idea of what you're dealing with in terms of data juggling.

And remember - this will not make any sound - it is simply sending MIDI information out of your computer to an external MIDI device. You could rig it to a soft-synth.