wondering is there a version of readanysf~ thats already compiled
or a tutorial on how to do it

as ive been building a dj patch
ive got mp3play~ and oggread~ to work and
ive been able to get these to loop and scratch
for scratching and pitch change ive sent the audio
from ether of these two audio player to a tabwrite~

then been using bits from the help patches using the tableread4~
to recieve the audio and manipulate it

but that seems as though it could lead to problems later

and i eventually stumbled across readanysf~
and this looks like the ideal candidate for what im needing

but u need to compile a compiler to compile readanysf~ eh!

and i aint got a clue where to start
so is there an already available compiled version of readanysf~
for compiler retards like myself