Hi all,

I'm working on a prototype for my thesis and I'm basically creating a very simple motion-based midi controller that tries to roughly simulate an air piano. I'm using junXion v4 to track motion and then send the data/midi to the synthesizer (Ableton Live) and this is working nice.

However, to make things more engaging, I would like my input midi sequence to be "re-played" as if the "system" was responding to my notes, that is engaging in a kind of a dialogue (similar to: http://www.csl.sony.fr/~pachet/video/Children.mp4).

I would sincerely appreciate if someone might give a simple quick&dirty idea / trick /patch that would help me achieve something similar to that? I'm really not a programmer and i'm inexperienced in PD so programing markov probabilistic transitions or implementing other generative techniques would be kinda out of my league.

thank you :)