I am very new to PD, a complete beginner and I am completely stuck!And i need help fast!!!please!

I am trying to load a video when you press a certain key on a midi keyboard. I am using pdp2gem and pix_texture to do this. The problem I am having is that I need the videos to re-start from the beginning every time you hit the key. At the moment they don't, they only play once through and when u hit the key a second time they don't play again. How do I fix this? I do not want to loop the videos. I want them to stop when u leave go of the key and start when u press it.

I have 12 videos I need to play. How do I make the video disappear when u are not pressing the key. At the moment when i leave go of the key the other 11 videos appear. I want no video to appear when nothing is being pressed. I was using [spigot] to do this and it did not work.

Help please!!