Hi, Hi,

I am currently finishing off a university project. I am
using Pure data to detect motion using a grid with 3 x
coordinates on it. At each point a different movie will be
played. I am also detecting the direction that the movement
is coming from. ideally I have an animation of a dog. The
dog will follow the passerby regardless of their direction.

If you could be of any assistance and could help look over
my patch I would be eternally gratefully. many thanks

Right now, everything is very jittery, is there a way i control this, even if it means only making one direction work, for exaomple, next clip cant play until previous one has finished. Also if i was just doing three clips playing at different places on stage if i could restrict so that 1 would play then only two would play then only 3.

If a way is possible to make the 2 directions smoother that woulod also be great.

Thanks again for putting up with my questions